Ride on Time

Changes in mobility behavior have been the focus of industry and research for years. Climate change, demographic shifts, and advancing digitalization significantly impact our mobility.
WHY is it important? 
In rural areas, providing comprehensive public transport services is becoming increasingly difficult. Funding issues, competition from private transport, and labor shortages exacerbate the situation. To address these challenges, we support the Verkehrsverbund Großraum Nürnberg (VGN) in establishing a digital dispatch center for demand-responsive mobility services

HOW does it work?
The city of Schwabach launched its on-demand service 'Lotti' in January 2024, becoming one of the first cities to be integrated in the dispatch system. Since then, more transport companies have been continuously integrated, trained, and supported in operations. Additional service providers will be integrated by the end of 2024, with various demand-responsive services (e.g., dial-a-ride taxis, call line taxis, on-demand buses) available for booking through the VGN app. This ensures seamless and efficient use of public transport for passengers. 
WHAT do we do?
The successful establishment of the dispatch center and the integration of various transport companies into the system are crucial steps towards strengthening public transport in the network area. By implementing the dispatch center, we support the introduction of demand-driven mobility solutions that meet the evolving needs of passengers.
We develop and implement innovative mobility solutions, integrate them with existing transport systems, and continuously adapt to the changing requirements of passengers. Our goal is to enhance the overall public transport experience, making it more accessible and responsive to the needs of the community.
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