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At the intersection of people and environment, we create pioneering mobility solutions.

Since 2005 we design, initiate and realize solutions – to ease the pressure on urban areas and to promote environmentally-friendly mobility. As a partner of public institutions, research and economy, we deliver new approaches to the interplay of environment and motion space
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Smarter and more sustainable mobility becomes present. For everyone. 

Where scientific application research, practical development and creative consulting come together, inspired solutions for intelligent and cooperative transport systems emerge. With the help of state-of-the-art technologies and adaptable components, we produce dynamic traffic solutions for public corporations and the industry. Moreover, we manage public procurement procedures and qualitiy assurance for public institutions, in addition we manage competitive tendering procedures and qualitiy assurance for public institutions. Trafficon  is divided into three subdivisions: Consulting, Data, and Geoservices. Due to our academic work and collaborations with universities, we find new possibilities and fields of action.


Innovation through motivation

In 2005, Dr. Stefan Krampe initiated Trafficon in Freilassing, Germany. Four years later, the GmbH in Salzburg (GEOSERVICES) was founded. Our office in Munich (CONSULTING) opened its doors in 2016, followed by the Vienna office (DATA) in 2019. The managing partner of Trafficon Austria is Dr. Stefan Krampe. As of 2020, Dr. Wolfgang Kieslich, Anja Höpping and Michael Weber function as managing directors and, together with Dr. Stefan Krampe, as shareholders of the German branch.