Dynamic Traffic Management
for the region of
 Frankfurt Rhine-Main

Half a sorrow is a shared sorrow!

This principle can be applied directly to the existing and increasing problem of growing traffic loads. Thanks to dynamic traffic management solutions, traffic can be avoided and shifted to a more efficient use of existing infrastructure. On behalf of ivm GmbH, we are supporting the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region to create and establish a dynamic traffic management system which will incorporate all areas of responsibility. This will improve the quality of mobility for people and the environment beyond municipal boundaries!
Landkreise innerhalb der Verkehrsregion Rhein Main
ivm GmbH, 2021
WHY is it important?
To reduce the strain and burden upon people and their environment, traffic management instruments that were implemented have proven their validation but show one huge BUT: the used measures are largely limited to the respective municipal borders. Neighboring areas of jurisdiction can hardly react to these strategies appropriately and therefore take complementary measures to a limited extent. This results in commuters being unable to gather current and relevant information.

HOW does it work?
During the first (2020-2022) of two project phases efficient coordination and planning processes will be established. A conglomerate of regional experts in planning and realization identifies problem areas in the transportation network in order to develop joint solution strategies. Should the necessary prerequisites for the implementation exist, initial measures will be planned and put in place to achieve a direct impact. Next to carving frameworks for medium- and long-term application, a current inventory of the complete road-based network which will in turn make superordinate traffic coordination possible. During the second project phase (2022-2024), the planned and approved strategies will be worked out ready for their application in real time practice. Whether the traffic information is transmitted through a public information board or via an app, which is connected to the regional traffic management, users will benefit directly and instantaneously.
WHAT do we do?
To realize this optimization potential, we are joining forces with clients, partners, and regional players to make life easier for road users and public transport authorities. An organizational and technical framework is being created in cross-responsibility traffic management for motorized private transport as well as road-based public transport in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region. Cross-responsibility traffic management strategies will accompany the development and implementation throughout the process.
Thanks to intelligent traffic management, commuter flows can be directed efficiently, and citizens can be informed about mobility alternatives at an early stage. This has an enormous impact on the set climate protection goals. The story of “regional traffic management Frankfurt Rhein-Main” will be a success and is only just beginning!
Clientivm GmbH
Duration2020- 2024 
LeadTrafficon Consulting
PartnersAlbrechtConsult GmbH
Werner Scholtes IT-Beratung
Brilon Bondzio Weiser GmbH