To provide a permanent and sustainable solution to relieve commuter, commercial and long-distance traffic, the political entity for the Stuttgart region has initiated a flagship project: A team of experts led by Trafficon designed the “Regional Mobility Platform” - a dynamic traffic management system that designs traffic management strategies and will put them in action depending on the respective traffic situation.
WHY is it important?
The city of Stuttgart has a high population density and congestions arise daily. When 2.7 Mio residents are on the move, conventional traffic solutions will cease to work effectively and can no longer be used as a constructive measure. The Regional Mobility Platform presents a solution to manage traffic according to the situation and to implement targeted, coordinated traffic strategies.

HOW does it work?
For the RMP to work successfully a well-structured organizational framework as well as technical conception, implementation and subsequent establishment within all participating players need to be in place.

WHAT do we do?
We planned, facilitated, and technically supported the implementation of traffic management strategies. To reduce traffic volume and congestion, local problems and incident scenarios were identified and analyzed monthly. In addition to periodic traffic load the traffic strategies will be activated when planned occurrences (e.g. large public events or construction sites) and unplanned occurrences (e.g. accidents) rise. Until now, these situations were handled separately by the respective area of responsibility without exchanging any sort of information across the board. RMP aims to engage the cooperation and offers solutions to increase transparency in traffic information for road users.
Verkehrsmanagement Plattform
Once the planning stage is finalized the traffic management strategies are being implemented in the traffic management system, a major challenge will be to link the various system to ensure the seamless provision of traffic strategies. To create a wider impact on congestion, it is essential to include more regions in the dynamic traffic management system.
Verband Region Stuttgart
Duration2017 - 12.2022
PartnersAlbrechtConsult GmbH
Brilon Bondzio Weiser Ingenieurgesellschaft für Verkehrswesen mbH
PRISMA solutions EDV-Dienstleistungen GmbH
ivm GmbH